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Why Does Sod Sometimes Turn Yellow

Posted on 02/17/2017

For homeowners who are new to using sod in their lawns, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive is about yellowing. Namely, those irritating yellow spots in new sod that seem to plague your beautiful lawn. While this can be irritating to many, yellow sod may occur for a number of reasons. The good news is that this problem often can be corrected, without replacing your sod - proved you understand the root cause.

There is such a thing as "too much of a...[read more]

When To Mow Your Sod For The First Time

Posted on 02/02/2017

From the moment sod is laid, it creates a stunning, lush lawn. New sod is vulnerable and easily perishable, as the grass crowns need time to recover from being uprooted from their nursery beds. Before you can consider the first mowing, new root growth must be established, because initially the sod's blades are not strong enough to survive mowing. To help your sod thrive, you should water it consistently in the first two weeks, as watering is crucial for establishing roots. You will want to...[read more]

Why Choose Sod Over Seed

Posted on 01/19/2017

The grass can be greener on your side of the fence! You may be planning on establishing a new lawn or transforming your old one. There are many different factors to keep in mind while handling this major undertaking. One of the more crucial questions is whether to choose sod or seed for your lawn. Both sod and seed have many benefits, and it is up to property owners to decide which would work best for them and their particular needs. Many property owners choose sod over seed for the...[read more]

Sod Care For Central Florida

Posted on 12/30/2016

It can be difficult to achieve a healthy, green lawn that your neighbors will envy. Many homeowners don't know what it takes to maintain their lawn once they've opted for sod replacement. Improper care due to factors like inadequate fertilization and over-watering can quickly derail your progress. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make sure your efforts aren't in vain.

Please note, we are not a Landscaper and do NOT provide installation services. We are a retail...[read more]

Why Does Sod Die

Posted on 12/27/2016

Fundamentally, sod is soil that's already growing grass when it is transplanted to establish a smooth turf or grass. Sod is a popular choice when landscaping because it gives immediate results which can be seen. But, because it is a transplant process, sod roots must attach to their new soil to survive. If this attachment does not occur, or if other risk factors are present, the sod will die and the grass or turf will not establish.
There are several reasons sod may die instead of...[read more]

What Sod Is Best For Florida

Posted on 12/22/2016

When establishing a residential or commercial lawn in Florida there are a number of considerations to keep in mind. But the first step is deciding which kind of sod is right for the soil type, conditions, environment, and landscaping where you are planting.

There are certain types of sod which are ideally suited for the environment and conditions in Florida. These varietals flourish in the sandy soils throughout Florida and are highly drought tolerant, making them ideally suited...[read more]

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