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What Sod Is Best For Florida

When establishing a residential or commercial lawn in Florida there are a number of considerations to keep in mind. But the first step is deciding which kind of sod is right for the soil type, conditions, environment, and landscaping where you are planting.

There are certain types of sod which are ideally suited for the environment and conditions in Florida. These varietals flourish in the sandy soils throughout Florida and are highly drought tolerant, making them ideally suited for Florida's arid environment.

The most commonly planted sod in Florida for residential and commercial properties is Floratam St. Augustine. This sod establishes well in warm, humid conditions and sub-tropical areas. This sod is highly adaptable to many types of soils and grows into a dense green lush grass which presents well in any landscaping. It does well in full sun areas and is widely used for its resilience to the Florida climate. Floratam St. Augustine variety is both drought and pest resistant and can grow quickly in warmer weather. This sod is also salt tolerant, which is advantageous in coastal or tropical regions and allows this sod to flourish in any county throughout Florida.

Floratam St. Augustine grows quickly and may need to be cut more often than other varieties. Some properties may require professional maintenance of their grass, however, this sod can overpower weeds. This is a major reason it is most commonly used for commercial and residential properties, despite the need for regular maintenance. Empire Zoysia is a specialty grass which has become more popular in recent years as Florida's environment struggles with drought conditions. Empire Zoysia grows well in the sun and can handle lots of foot traffic without damage, making it an excellent choice for residential backyards and commercial properties. This variety is also highly drought tolerant and requires less fertilizer and regular maintenance than other sods. Empire Zoysia creates a dense turf which makes it less susceptible to weeds and resists most pest invasions.

Empire Zoysia dislikes cold weather and goes dormant after a frost. But growth resumes once the soil has warmed again and it will bounce back quickly to a pleasant presentation of dense, green turf. Other than this drawback, Empire Zoysia withstands disease and drought conditions, making it suitable for a range of climates and regions throughout Florida.

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