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Why Choose Sod Over Seed

The grass can be greener on your side of the fence! You may be planning on establishing a new lawn or transforming your old one. There are many different factors to keep in mind while handling this major undertaking. One of the more crucial questions is whether to choose sod or seed for your lawn. Both sod and seed have many benefits, and it is up to property owners to decide which would work best for them and their particular needs. Many property owners choose sod over seed for the overall convenience, quick transformation, and low maintenance.

The simple explanation is simply that seeding does not work well in Florida, mostly due to our sandy soil.

Sod is mature turf that has been laid and cared for by a professional. It has grass on the top, and soil on the bottom. Farmers, quite literally, do the dirty work for you. Farmers prepare the ground, water, cut, and fertilize the sod frequently. This care, attention, and maintenance of the sod harvest can take up to two years! Sod can be rolled out like a rug, and provides the property owner with thick green grass without the work, time, and typical maintenance as when you grow a lawn from seed. You can quickly transform a patchy, lackluster lawn into a beautiful green space.

Growing a lawn from seed requires you to prepare the ground/soil, and plant the seeds. While this method is cost effective, it requires gardening knowledge, time to tend to the grass and wait for the optimal growing season, and attention to establishing a lush lawn. Planting seed, especially over a large area, is messy and time-consuming. The initial process starts with a lot of dust and mud before the germination takes place. In some cases, germination may not occur in certain spots, or the seeds get washed away from rain or other environmental factors. You may need to reseed, which only adds to your timeline. Seed is temperamental and fragile, and vulnerable to foot-traffic and erosion.

After sod is laid, it can thrive at certain times of the year when seeds cannot. Sod can also grow in places and environments where seeds fall short. While sod requires basic watering maintenance from the property owner, tending to a lawn full of temperamental seeds requires tremendous time and attention. Sod is a greater expense than seed, but that is because an experienced farmer invested the time, money, and materials to the harvest. Sod is also beneficial in uneven areas, and areas prone to erosion. Seeds typically cannot grow under these circumstances.

Sod can be established anytime, and not just within a short growing season. Sod is mature grass, strong enough to withstand the inevitable foot traffic - no need to shout "Get off my lawn" at passers-by. Sod requires less water to maintain its appearance, saving you money and energy. If you have any questions about sod for your home, contact the experienced and knowledgeable professionals at Landscape Supply Co. today. We offer different sodding options, as well as easy pick-up and delivery for your convenience!

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