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When To Mow Your Sod For The First Time

From the moment sod is laid, it creates a stunning, lush lawn. New sod is vulnerable and easily perishable, as the grass crowns need time to recover from being uprooted from their nursery beds. Before you can consider the first mowing, new root growth must be established, because initially the sod's blades are not strong enough to survive mowing. To help your sod thrive, you should water it consistently in the first two weeks, as watering is crucial for establishing roots. You will want to water deeply to help draw the roots down into the soil. You should water with the intention of keeping both the soil and your sod moist, but not soggy. Watering too much can potentially damage the new sod. You are probably excited about your sod investment, and feel the need to take extra care, but being patient is one of the best things you can do for your new lawn.

New sod is vulnerable to foot traffic, and contact must be avoided before the first mowing. Sod needs time to adjust to its new environment, and needs to avoid potential stressors. Since sod is initially delicate to foot traffic, picture how strong it needs to be to endure a powerful lawn mower plowing over it. Within approximately 14 days after the sod installation, the first mowing should typically be performed. In the winter months, you may need to wait longer, as it takes longer for roots to be established in colder weather. Depending on the moisture and temperature, the sod should be mowed sooner rather than later to promote and strengthen top growth.

If you are unsure about whether the sod is ready to mow, you can test its strength by pulling on it. If the blades remain firm, the sod is ready for mowing. Be sure to check for any separation between the sections, as these areas need to be watered for a few more days until the roots are stronger. Check your mower to make sure the blades are freshly sharpened. A clean cut will prevent shock to the sod. You will want to pay careful attention to how short you cut the sod, and make sure to never cut off more than 1/3 of the blade of grass during a mowing cycle. If the sod is cut too short, the plant can experience stress or even shock. Each variety of grass has a special length requirement for helping it grow and develop best. Make sure you know the proper length to maintain your sod.

It is crucial to take extra special care of your sod when you begin mowing. Initially, you will want to mow along the strips and not across them. Eventually, after the sod has grown accustomed to mowing, you will be able to mow across and diagonally. You should always make sure you are using the proper equipment, and find out whether your new sod is better maintained with a rotary or reel. By following these basic mowing guidelines

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