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Empire Zoysia

Empire Zoysia is a resilient sod which requires less fertilizer and maintenance than traditional grass. Empire Zoysia sod withstands cold, disease and drought conditions, making it suitable for a range of climates and regions. The cost-effective grass alternative is also capable of resisting pest and weed invasion.

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Empire Zoysia Sod

Why do people use sod?
The blended turf is used by some property owners because it is low maintenance. It doesn’t have to be mowed nearly as often because of its relatively slow growth pattern. The sod can grow steadily without frequent watering. It retains its appearance long than other types of sod because it can tolerate all types of weathers. Since it can be uniformly applied throughout the yard to both slope and level terrain, the sod is a common choice for homeowners who have lawns with gentle hills and flattened areas. In lawns where there are dead spots, the sod can be strategically applied to fill out any growth gaps where discoloration or balding areas exist. Protecting against soil and runoff, the sod can be applied to edges and areas of the lawn vulnerable to erosion. It can even be applied as the perfect complement to existing landscapes in areas where there are stone or rock pathways.

Other advantages of Zoysia sod
1. Attractive color retains its appearance year-round.
2. Thickness creates a plush, verdant lawn perfect for walking on or entertaining.
3. Weed-resistant sod grows with a density that restricts weed growth.
4. Less herbicide or pesticide is required to control pest activity.

How to properly apply turf
The turf should be planted at the right time. Zoysia turf should be applied when it is planted around May and June, planting it during this time permits faster growth. Planting outside of this window makes it much more vulnerable and exposes it to unnecessary threats. The appropriate amount for the typical yard should be anywhere between six to eight inches. One pound should be applied for every 100 square feet of lawn. It should be mixed with organic matter for best growth results.

What kind of lawns are a good fit for Zoysia sod?
This type of sod is useful in a variety of applications outside of the typical lawn area. It can be applied in recreational areas and parks. The sod can also be used in a variety of areas such as lawn. The sod is perfect for application near heavy traffic areas like apartment complexes, corporate areas and commercial locations.
The sod can thrive in all conditions on all types of terrain. It maintains its appearance year-round. Low maintenance types of sods like Zoysia makes it perfect for homeowners that want the luxury of a beautiful lawn without all of the extra mowing, watering and pest control requirements.

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We deliver throughout the Orlando and Central Florida region. Our fleet of trucks has you covered from Sanford to Poinciana, Clermont to Wedgefield. Call 321-348-7779 to speak to one of our sales professionals for a delivery estimate.

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Pick your sod up at our two convenient locations in Orlando and St. Cloud, Florida. A pickup truck, such as a Ford F150 can only carry 1 pallet at a time. Each pallet covers 400 square feet and weighs roughly 2,000 lbs.

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