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Floratam St. Augustine

Floratam St. Augustine is widely used for its resilient qualities to the Florida climate. With its ability to resist drought and certain types of pests, this impressive grass can grow quickly in warmer weather. Characterized by its bright, purple-red hue and wide blades, the grass type is commonly planted during the spring or summer months to achieve maximum growth. The grass variety is the preferred turf grass for top landscapers and property owners.

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Floratam St. Augustine Sod

What to expect when planting it?
Within 10 days of planting the grass, it begins to become established. The grass should be watered several times a day for five or ten-minute intervals. The grass is highly susceptible to saturation and buildup, so it shouldn’t be overwatered. Although it does exhibit shade tolerance, the grass variety should be planted in an area where there is substantial sunlight available. It needs at least six hours of sunlight daily.

What are the maintenance requirements?
The turf is pretty low maintenance in comparison to other varieties. The grass should be kept cut between three or four inches. If cut too low, weed invasion and crowding can become a problem. If the lawn isn’t going to be watered often during the dry months, then the ideal height for cutting should be approximately 2 inches or more. The goal should be to avoid cutting off more than one-third of a blade of grass at a time. It should be watered frequently during the initial stages to ensure a smooth establishment process. It should be watered twice a week in order to avoid potential runoff problems. The grass is also highly resistant to fungus, which can hinder the growth experience during the warmest months.

What are the advantages of using?
The grass is commonly selected for its resilient properties. It grows quickly and retains its appearance long after the establishment phase is exposed to direct sunlight. The common, unattractive brown patch that plagues many property owners can be corrected with this turf grass. The grass is also salt tolerant, which is advantageous for coastal or tropical regions. The strong turf variety is highly resistant to the chinch bug. While it doesn’t take much for weed to take root and spread with common grass, St. Augustine Floratam can overpower weed, which is why it’s commonly used for commercial and residential properties. The consistent appearance achieved by applying this variety makes it well worth the initial investment.

Achieving a plush, attractive lawn is well within the reach of everyone with Floratam St. Augustine sod. Its quick establishment and steady growth pattern makes it a perfect fit for Florida homeowners and households in humid climates. The resilient turf is capable of withstanding drought, pests, and other common growth problems.

Evergreen St. Augustine

Evergreen is our shade tollerant variety of St. Augustine sod. It matches Floratam in most qualities, except it can withstand a good deal more shade than Floratam and is a slightly lighter shade of green.

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Evergreen St. Augustine Sod

Evergreen is a fine-leaved St. Augustine sod. Evergreen performs well in both shade and full sun, but is sensitive to cold. Evergreen should be mowed to a height of 2–2.5 inches.
Newly planted sod should not be fertilized for 30–60 days due to the root system not being fully developed. Fertilizing before this can result in nutrient leaching or runoff and potential pollution of ground or surface waters. Our Sod is fertilized prior to harvest, so the delay in fertilizing will not affect turf health or establishment. The lawn should not be mowed for about 14–21 days after planting - check if the sod cannot be lifted without appreciable force.


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